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A freediving tale: how to win the battle with yourself

Adrian Sandu became male champion in the Romanian Freediving Challenge 2014, in the beginning of April, after accumulating the top score in the two best disciplines, and shared generously with a few thoughts about his experience in the competition. We liked very much what Adrian told us and we decided it is worth sharing what means to participate in such a competition with others as well. Maybe such an authentic experience recounted will inspire also others to dare and try this sport. Below is the story of a rainy freediving Saturday, somewhere close to Bucharest. Read the rest of this entry »

PADI comes to Romania

Present in Romania for the first official PADI Member Forum, Michael Elbeshausen, PADI Regional Manager for Northern Germany and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia) spared some of his time and sat down with to talk about the Romanian scuba market, the PADI Member Forum and what future events are in the workings for Romanian divers.

Michael Elbeshausen is PADI certified since 1993 and has an experience of over a decade working for PADI; in his own words he’s “just a diver working for PADI”. Here’s what this diver has to say;): Read the rest of this entry »

Freedivers’ portraits

The sport of freediving is starting to gain momentum in Romania, driven by a small, but quite active community, behind which Sergiu Şerban and Alex Russu have laid a great deal of effort, conviction and dedication. AIDA Romania, the local branch of the most known international freediving organization, was founded in 2012, the same year in which the first Romanian attendance as a team took place at the World Championships in Nice.

Romanian Freediving: first test

Romania’s affiliation to the international freediving organization AIDA, a milestone in our country’s freediving history, prompted us to talk to Sergiu Şerban, founding member of the Romanian organization and president of Freediving Romania, about the long road covered so far, about how the community is preparing for the first ever formal Romanian participation in an international freediving competition, but also about how difficult it is to train at the Black Sea, to finance the Nice attendance and why there’s a lack of women in Romanian freediving;).

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Serenity at depth: childhood fascination becomes lifestyle

Sergiu Şerban is the president of Freediving Romania and a founding member of the newly established AIDA Romania. Since young he enjoyed water and still loves being underwater, even if just for a few minutes as long as a freedive lasts. Freediving was a challenge, a travail, in the beginning, as Sergiu recounts, but the deep always brings him a sense of calm and relaxation no other place on shore can bring.

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From Russia with… Scuba Love

How many of us didn’t go on a vacation and, after discovering the magic of scuba diving, just envied all those lucky people having a career out of it? Well, not many of us actually succeeded in making the switch from having a boring job in the office to one in the sun, but few blessed ones did. Kirill Egorov traded his previous career in archeology for one dedicated to the “big blue”.

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A different identity: life in apnea

Completely motivated by his choices, Alexandru Russu knows precisely who he is, what he wants and what he is doing, what he values and what animates him. Alex answers every question with a laser cut precision, he presents himself with utmost clarity – a fully crystallized being – opening your eyes, leaving you contemplating each answer and wanting to know more. Read the rest of this entry »

“Cool” underwater photos from the north

With over a decade of experience in the underwater photography field, Christian Skauge has travelled, dived and photographed the world, but he is still very fond of Norway’s western coast which, in his opinion, offers some of the best cold water dive spots. Read the rest of this entry »

Patrick Musimu: The soul of apnea

When we grow up we all have a “hero” we want to become. Be it a real human being or just a character in a book or a movie, having someone to aspire to, be guided by his/her deeds is like having a light in a moonless night.

Loving the sea and trying to be close to it, in it, as often as one can, exploring it and immersing yourself in it, no matter if with a scuba tank on your back or with a breath of air in your lungs, you’ve surely aspired to “heroes” such as Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Jacques Mayol or Enzo Maiorca. Read the rest of this entry »

Extreme, by nature

When it comes to “living your dream”, Marc Sluszny has certainly lived his. A daredevil, even if the word doesn’t do him justice, as Marc doesn’t recklessly try new adventures, but consciously chooses his next endeavor, prepares for it and “attacks” it while being in control of the situation the whole time. Read the rest of this entry »

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