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First official PADI Member Forum in Romania

The first official PADI Member Forum in Romania (and the second unofficial – the first unofficial was held in October 2012 in Bucharest) took place mid-June 2013, at the Jolly Fun Hotel in Bucharest, hosted by Michael Elbeshausen, PADI Regional Manager for Northern Germany and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia). Read the rest of this entry »

Scuba premiere: ANDI enters Romania

A new scuba certifying agency entered the domestic market, with the first technical diving courses sanctioned by ANDI International taking place in Romania in 2012 and continuing throughout 2013. Read the rest of this entry »

Happy birthday to the Romanian freediving

In the beginning of February 2013, at the El Comandante Primer club in Bucharest, the annual meeting of the Romanian freediving community took place.

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First ever Romanian attendance at Nice

This year was THE year of international competitions: firstly, it was the summer of the London Olympics. Unhoped-for, Romania brought home medals; we were moved and felt proud to be represented abroad in such a way. Last week, a Romanian athlete brought the first (and second) medal for Romania in the London Paralympics: again, unhoped-for. Well, we once again have a premiere – the first Romanian participation in a Freediving World Team Championship, an AIDA sanctioned event, taking place between September 8th and 16th, 2012, in Nice, France, in which 200 athletes from 35 countries will attend.

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Bulgarian freediving week

This week (August 14th-19th, 2012) Freediving Romania organizes Freediving Fest at the Bulgarian Black Sea, in Balgarevo (Hipodrom Complex) and Tyulenovo. Read the rest of this entry »

Freediving Romania organizes courses

Starting this week (July 16th, 2012), Freediving Romania, through its instructor, Sergiu Şerban, begins this summer’s session of freediving courses.
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The Moskva puzzle

May was a busy month in the depths of the Romanian Black Sea, with an international team of divers mapping the remains of the Moskva wreck, in search of the true story of how this impressive warship capsized during World War II. Read the rest of this entry »

The 2012 scuba season is open

Already becoming a tradition, the scuba season has started a bit earlier in Romania, before our famous 1st of May seaside holyday. The April 21st-22nd weekend has been a first opportunity for divers to get their fins wet and, at the same time, to celebrate Earth Day by cleaning the Black Sea beaches.

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Exploration of the “Moskva” wreck continues

After discovering the wreck of the “Moskva” in May last year, the Respiro Underwater Research Society team continues, at the end of April, the exploration of the underwater site.

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A dream comes true: the birth of AIDA Romania

Great news for all Romanian freedivers: almost a year after the process of affiliation was initiated, at the beginning of March 2012, the AIDA International secretary, Robert King, informed the Romanian representatives of the AIDA Assembly’s positive vote to welcome Romania as an AIDA observer member, as it’s stated on the Romanian organization’s official website.

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