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Contact was created in 2010 from the passion of a few scuba divers who wished to have a place “between dives” where to find useful information for that next vacation, where to feel comfortable to ask questions and be sure to receive answers no matter how wacky they might sound; in other words, a place as we wanted to find in the past years and we didn’t. There are still many things we are planning to do, but we hope that the website already provides value for all scuba diving lovers.

We have a team of people writing constantly on subjects they find interesting, but we have as well independent contributors, some of them non-divers, who like to share their experiences and help us give a different flavor and rhythm to the entire content. Anyone who has something interesting to share related to diving is also more than welcome to contribute!

P.S. You can contact us directly at contact [at] mydive [dot] ro or by using the form below. We will answer as soon as possible.

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