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Exploration of the “Moskva” wreck continues

After discovering the wreck of the “Moskva” in May last year, the Respiro Underwater Research Society team continues, at the end of April, the exploration of the underwater site.

The project spans over a month (April 20th – May 20th 2012) and is based entirely on the contribution of volunteers from Romania, Ukraine and Russia who participate. As Mircea Popa, founder of Respiro Society and initiator of the project focused on finding the “Moskva”, states, the participation requirement in this new exploration is “an appropriate qualification for the depth of 45 meters”.

The exploration program unfolds in three stages: the first week will be dedicated to scanning the entire area where the Russian destroyer sank, the second week will be dedicated to examining and identifying all the remains of the wreck shown on the first stage scanning and a final two week long stage dedicated to filming and photographing the wreck, for its best presentation to the public at large. Together with a team of historians, Respiro will attempt a reenactment of the 1941 battle and the circumstances in which the destroyer sank. The available data will be complemented through researching Russian archives and through interviews with “Moskva” survivors.

As Mircea Popa declares, this research campaign intends to offer to the public a historical event which was left a mystery for tens of years: “The main purpose of the 2012 expedition is the discovery of all the pieces broken off the wreck and the completion of a documentary regarding the ship’s fate. As a result of this activity, all the materials will be placed in the mass-media from Romania, Ukraine and Russia.”

Respiro Underwater Research Society is a Romanian NGO, active since 2009, with the purpose of “preserving our maritime heritage through the discovery, archaeological survey and conservation of shipwrecks and other archaeological sites of the Romanian waters”. The organization further wishes to reinforce Romanians’ appreciation of our marine past “by initiating and supporting projects designed to uncover and explore historically significant sites in the Black Sea and beyond, before they are lost and gone forever” and intends to “create a museum where all these archaeological artifacts can be preserved and presented to the public at large”.


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