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Dead Sea extreme diving

For those interested in trying a very unique type of diving, the Dead Sea is offering one of the most special experiences possible all year long.

Located on the border of Jordan on the eastern side, and Israel and the West bank on the western side, the Dead Sea is actually a salt lake. With a maximum depth of 330 meters it is set approximately 420 meters below the sea level, being the lowest sea and one of the lowest points on Earth.

Easily reachable from Jerusalem, after just one hour of driving, the Dead Sea is valued as a key touristic region credited to its mineral-rich waters and mud suitable for skin treatments, and year round sunny weather.  

Diving here requires special preparations and those interested in trying it have to be capable of carrying at least 65 kilos of weights and equipment, and to have at least 50 logged dives. That is, first of all, due to the fact that the sea is 8 to 10 times saltier than the ocean, making it almost impossible to sink without proper weighting, and second because you need good skills for what is considered to be an extreme diving experience. The same salinity impedes macroscopic aquatic organisms from developing in its waters (no marine life present, only some bacteria) and makes it necessary for the candidate diver to use special equipment.

The program – actually a touristic package – comprises a training day and an actual diving day (Wednesday and Thursday), with the price including the accommodation and the meals for the two days, a lecture about diving in the Dead Sea, transportation to and from the hotel to the diving site, a jeep ride exploring the Dead Sea, a visit to the Masada fortress and a tour of Jerusalem (the old city), spa and relaxation.

Except for the usual diving equipment, the diving center is providing also a full-faced mask which is absolutely necessary for diving in the Dead Sea (the high level of salt can damage your eyes). To this you can add the other benefits offered in the package – the special certificate, a branded T-shirt, a sticker. The overall package is more than 1000 US$, but details about the exact price can be obtained directly at the diving center.

Why is it worth the effort? It feels like bathing in a sea of diamonds, as the Dead Sea Divers are saying on their very first website page. Salt crystals are everywhere, brought to life by the light that is penetrating the water. But images are better expressing it:

The water temperatures vary between 18°C in January and 28°-35°C in August. The visibility can range from 1 up to 20 meters.

Interesting to mention also that the Dead Sea is among the 20 finalists for the new 7 wonders of the world.


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