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Shabrur Umm Gamar

The site is located approximately one kilometer from the Umm Gamar Island and is reachable by boat, from Hurghada, after a half hour journey heading north.

The location, one of the most interesting in Hurghada, is spectacular and well suited for beginners as well.  Shabrur is in fact the tip of a submerged mountain which rolls into the sea. Its “slopes” are covered in rich corals, caves and crevices, well inhabited by all kinds of marine creatures.  The reef is elongated and narrows down towards south and east. The site is a place where you can meet even sharks, towards the blue, besides big-size groupers, giant moray eels and Napoleon fish.

South of the reef there’s a sunken Egyptian boat, the remains of the wreck being accessible from about 20 meters and going down to a depth of 40 meters (most of it lying at depth). Two other vessels, accessible only to tech divers, rest on the bottom of the sea in this area, at 70 and respectively at over 100 meters.

The southern side is preferred as a mooring spot for the dive boats, the coral wall starting its “fall” toward the deep from 10-15 meters. 

The current is usually medium to strong, while the visibility is good, reaching even 30 meters. The eastern wall is suitable for drift dives, which are indeed impressive.

For those who know to suffer of seasickness it’s recommended to stock up on pills, as the journey to this dive site is quite rough, while the rocking of the boat can become quite strong.


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