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Terms and conditions of use for

All users of website are obliged to follow the present “Terms and conditions” for the use of the website. Accessing the website implies the unconditional agreeing with the present terms and conditions; if you do not agree with this please discontinue any further access.

Information about the website

The website is an information portal having ourselves as a source of information or data taken from other websites/persons, when so stated. The website is the property of the domain owner, contact email: contact [at] mydive [dot] ro.

Rights over the website

The owner of the domain has all legal rights regarding the graphics, format, presentation means, as well as the rights over the entire content of the website, including but not limited to the images, sounds, videos, information presented on the website when not stated otherwise. All these are protected by the current law of copyright.

Regarding the data and content posted by other users, third parties, or partners, the copyright and the responsibility over this information belongs solely to those who published it. Concerning the content taken from other websites, this is identified through mentioning the name of the partner near the respective text or image. The copyright over the work uploaded by the users themselves stays with them, acting only as a free host for that particular information.

You can utilize content only for your personal use, for any other purposes being necessary to obtain in advance a written permission from The requests to use the content with other purposes than stated can be sent to: contact [at] mydive [dot] ro.

It is specifically forbidden any breach or attempt to breach the copyrights over the website, including and not limited to the replication, distribution, commercialization, renting, lending,  communication, broadcasting, copying, alteration, displaying, transmission, publishing, in any form of the content and graphics of the website, the generation of unoriginal materials employing the content and form of the website, without the explicit mentioning of the source, under the sanctions foreseen by the law. It is permitted the partial reproduction of the articles when the source is mentioned, while in the case of a significant duplication of the material it is imperiously necessary that you contact us at contact [at] mydive [dot] ro for a written agreement.

If you consider that certain content from the website breaches your right to intellectual property, your right to privacy, your right to advertisement or any other personal rights, you are kindly asked to send an email to contact [at] mydive [dot] ro with your violated rights, to allow the administrators to act in accordance with the stipulations of the law. 

The website intends to offer information to users, but the domain owner doesn’t answer for potential damages suffered by the users as a consequence of decisions based on any information conveyed through the site. 

The domain owner doesn’t guarantee in any way the quality of the site from a technical and functional point of view, neither guarantees the absence of any viruses which may exist on it.  Therefore, the owner will not be held responsible in any way for any damages, direct of indirect, suffered or invoked by the users originating from any malfunctioning of the website.

The site may contain links or references to other sites for which use will be applied the specific usage policies as these are made clear by the respective sites, the owner of this website not being able to be held accountable, nor assuming any obligation with regard to their content or any link from them. reserves its right to suspend, modify, add or delete at any given moment fragments of its content, as well as to restrict the access of users to a certain part or the entire website content.

Privacy policy collects information from its users from the traffic reports registered by the servers which host our website and through the use of cookies.

When you visit a website, you disclose certain information about yourself, such as your IP address, the time of your visit, the place from where you entered our website. We employ external services to analyze the traffic – services such as the ones made available by Google Analytics – using this data for the sole purpose of communicating the anonymous profiles of our users to our advertizing clients. We do not use the traffic data to identify the persons behind these IP addresses.

In order to offer a customized service to our visitors, may employ cookies, which are “.txt” files, offered to your web browser by a web server and stored on your computer’s hard drive. The use of cookies is a present standard on many of the important websites you are accessing. The majority of browsers are set to accept cookies. If you don’t wish this, you can reset your browser, either to let you know every time you receive a cookie, or even to deny cookies altogether. may reveal personal identifiable information when the law explicitly foresees such an action, when it’s requested by a competent authority or when this is necessary in order to protect the rights and interests of

Further details

Certain parts of the published content on may be provided by third parties with whom we have a contract. Moreover, within the content certain advertising sections may be inserted where advertising messages of third parties will be displayed. is not to be held responsible by any means over the content provided by third parties, no matter if this has an advertising purpose or not. In addition, is not responsible by the external pages’ content to which we might refer to from within our website.

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